Nov 08, 2023

New infrared sauna opens this week in Lenexa City Center

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A new Perspire Sauna and Studio franchise opens this week in the Lenexa City Center. It sits at 16812 W 89th St. Photo credit Kaylie McLaughlin.

A new infrared sauna and red-light therapy studio opened Monday at Lenexa City Center.

The new Perspire Sauna and Studio, 16812 W 89th St., sits near Martin City Brewing Company and Saints Pub and Patio.

This is the first Perspire franchise in the Kansas City area.

As opposed to a more traditional sauna, which uses a heat source (like hot rocks) to warm the air, an infrared sauna raises temperature by using light to directly warm a person's body in an enclosed space.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some studies have "found evidence of some benefit" from infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems like Type 2 diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure but that "more rigorous studies are needed to confirm these results."

The Mayo Clinic says "no adverse effects" from the use of infrared saunas have been reported.

Stacy and Barney Hill are the franchisees behind this latest infrared sauna studio.

Stacy Hill, who will also serve as the operator for the franchise, comes from a 15-year background in corporate franchise operations.

She said she was starting to get "the itch" to open a franchise of her own about the same time she started to get interested in naturopathic treatments for some personal health issues. With Perspire, she said the two interests merged.

Membership packages at Perspire — which cost between $69 and $159 a month — are purchased in advance. You can make an appointment online or through the Perspire app.

First-timers will get a tour when they arrive and some instructions on how to use the sauna.

People can use their session however they please. Stacy Hill said some patrons do yoga in their sauna, while others meditate and some use the time to just relax.

You must be at least 16 years old to use Perspire's services.

That includes one sauna that is ADA accessible.

Each sauna has its own television set up for streaming, with sound pumped directly into the sauna.

Every personal booth is also equipped with red-lights, which add to the sauna therapy experience, Stacy Hill said. Towel service is also included.

"It's a total private escape," she said.

The Hills are eyeballing a spot in Parkville, Mo., for another future location.

They also hope to open a third location in south Johnson County sometime in the future.

The Lenexa sauna marks the 40th for the Perspire brand in the U.S.

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