Aug 07, 2023

How XYON's hair loss solutions combat common side effects and psychological pain

This content was produced in partnership with XYON.

Anyone suffering from hair loss knows there is a lot more to contend with than just their appearance. For many, mild to severe psychological pain is also synonymous with hair loss. It's a distressing experience, and that goes for trying to regrow hair too, especially when dealing with various supplements, treatments, and regrowth methods. It's all very involved and can get frustrating pretty fast, especially when things aren't working out in your favor.

One potential issue with many hair loss treatments is that high levels of the medication can be absorbed into the bloodstream. This over-absorption can create unintended side effects, like erectile dysfunction, which only worsens the psychological effects. Research also shows that those issues can persist long after you stop taking the medication, sometimes for years. So, even if you start treatments only for a short while and wean yourself off, you may still be looking at prolonged issues.

Surely, there must be a better solution.

There is, thanks to , which offers both prescription-based and over-the-counter (OTC) non-prescription treatments. Providing a new standard in hair loss care, XYON's products are created by expert clinicians with science-backed research. XYON offers effective topical treatments compounded with their proprietary delivery technology, SiloxysSystemTM Gel. XYON's topical treatments contain a controlled release mechanism, and are applied directly to the scalp and promote regrowth within three to six months. Compared to treatments taken orally, less medication is absorbed into the bloodstream and 10 to 17 times more remains on the skin after 24 hours than other topical solutions, meaning more remains on the scalp where it matters for precision targeting to the hair follicles.

XYON allows you to regrow your hair, with no compromises. Through a free consultation, all customers are first connected to specialized dermatologists who help create an individualized treatment plan featuring one of the brand's available solutions. Let's consider this achievement and how it's all made possible.

XYON is spearheaded by a team of long-standing scientific and clinical experts, with Dr. Simon Pimstone and world-renowned hair restoration specialist, Dr. Victor Hasson, behind its innovative solutions. Together, they have a rich history of medical and scientific experience in reliable healthcare solutions – like the topical hair growth gels. Both are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of clinical efficacy, and as the timed-release approach shows, they’re committed to the health and safety of their patients and customers.

By reducing the amount of medication absorbed into the bloodstream, those using XYON's prescription topical treatments are less likely to experience the common side effects. The treatments also provide a safer, more effective answer to those experiencing chronic hair loss ailments, like male pattern baldness, which affects approximately two-thirds of all men before the age of 50.

But the prevailing question is, what makes XYON's solutions effective, and how do they actually reduce the risk of side effects and the psychological pain that goes hand-in-hand with them? The key is a proprietary technology called SiloxysSystemTM.

Only available in XYON's Topical Finasteride and Topical Dutasteride treatments, SiloxysSystem™ is a proprietary liposomal gel. Liposomes are used to carry and deliver medications, and it's what makes XYON's topical treatments different from anything else on the market.

Medications like finasteride or dutasteride are combined with the gel as a compounded medication that you can apply topically to the affected areas. It also has the added benefit of reducing how much of the treatment is necessary. You may only need a quarter-size or smaller amount when compared to other topical treatments.

The gel was developed to reduce the amount of medication that makes it into the body. As mentioned, higher concentrations can cause some concerning health issues, but can also affect quality of life. Erectile dysfunction and sexual performance issues are not easy side effects to deal with. This risk is reduced thanks to a timed-release formula, upheld by the SiloxysSystem™ gel.

Commonly associated with hair loss and balding, an overabundance of dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) at the scalp can be lowered over time with the help of XYON's treatments. After being applied, a timed release of the necessary compounds ensures a slow and steady supply, in safer concentrations, that still promotes active hair growth. In the first three months, you may start to see some changes, but the real development happens between three to six months of continued use. After that, it's all about maintenance to keep the thickness and density you desire.

XYON's gels come in a sleek, easy-to-use bottle. All you have to do is squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and apply it to your scalp. XYON also offers the oral form of finasteride, if the patient and their physician determine it is the best option.

While the topical treatments are prescription-based, XYON is now offering an over-the-counter performance shampoo and conditioner set – both of which promote healthy hair growth . The two new formulas are called the XYON Rejuvenate Performance Shampoo, and the XYON Nurture Performance Conditioner, each available in a luxurious Cedarwood fragrance.

Both use natural ingredients scientifically proven to combat the culprit hormone, DHT. The shampoo is plant-based, sulfate-free, and color-safe. Meanwhile, the conditioner has been enriched with rosemary leaf extract, which provides anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits.

They’re designed to be used in combination with XYON's topical treatments, to boost efficacy and promote the kind of hair regrowth that helps you look and feel your best.

As XYON offers a few different products, some of which are prescription-based, everything starts with a simple consultation. First, you answer some questions about your health, including how your hair looks right now. Then, you’ll provide a photo of your hair. This information is assessed by a dermatologist who then provides a customized recommendation. All information is kept secure and confidential and is never shared with outside parties – only the dermatologist. Once completed, they will review your clinical case before recommending a customized treatment.

If prescribed a topical treatment, it is freshly compounded and shipped from XYON's partner pharmacy, with refills sent automatically for up to 12 months. Of course, the OTC shampoo and conditioner do not require a prescription, and you can order those directly from their website.

Many patients have already turned to XYON for regrowth, refusing to sacrifice their health and happiness to get the hair they deserve, and why should they? Over-absorption of active ingredients is a valid concern with the average hair loss treatment. XYON's proprietary SiloxysSystem™ gel is the perfect answer to that, slowing down the absorption of medication like finasteride and dutasteride and therefore reducing the risk of side effects. Those side effects aren't just uncomfortable. They can also create more problems, adding to any pain and suffering you’re already experiencing due to hair loss, something no one should have to go through.

Knowing the benefits, there's no reason not to give XYON's solutions a try if you’re experiencing hair loss. Don't let your hair loss progress. Start prevention now.

What is SiloxysSystem™ Gel?