Jul 27, 2023

The 10 Best Microcurrent Devices to Shop in 2023

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Featuring dermatologist-approved favorites from NuFace and SolaWave.

We love going to our derm and aestheticians for beauty treatments, but using one of the best at-home microcurrent devices is a fast and foolproof way to lift, sculpt, and tone your face in minutes.

If you're unfamiliar, these high-tech tools are powerful yet painless, using low level electrical currents to boost collagen production while sculpting, stimulating, and lifting facial muscles. "It is thought since microcurrent has been shown to help wound healing and reduce inflammation, it may also promote collagen and elastin production to help firm and tighten the skin, though more research is needed," board-certified dermatologist and clinical assistant professor at Cornell University Marisa Garshick tells "It also works to boost circulation and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."

As an added bonus, many at-home microcurrent treatments can quickly provide noticeable results, though professionals note that consistency is required to maintain them. Garshick advises using your device of choice at least three times per week for optimal results, though some devices are recommended for daily use. "These devices can help to supplement and work together to enhance and maintain results from in-office treatments, though should be avoided for approximately two weeks after injectables," she continues. "Use is also not recommended during pregnancy, and should always be discussed with your doctor if you have other medical conditions or implanted medical devices. Microcurrent tools can also be expensive so it is always best to speak with a board-certified dermatologist to evaluate your skincare concerns and determine the best treatment approach."

While the majority of skin benefits may only be visible for days or even hours, experts say with consistent use longer term results will continue, since collagen production can take up to six or more months. These coveted tools also typically require the use of a conductive gel or serum to harness their sculpting power. For a short list of the best microcurrent devices to add to your routine, read on for 10 top picks dermatologist, editor, and celebrities are raving about for a more toned and overall lifted appearance.

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"This microcurrent device is FDA-cleared and helps to tone facial muscles and improves the overall contour and appearance of the skin," adds Garshick. "It comes with the gel primer and can help to rejuvenate the skin and improve skin laxity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is easy to use with a recommendation to use five minutes per day, five days per week."

Since I previously tested, reviewed, and quickly fell in love with SolaWave's celebrity-approved Advanced Skincare Wand, it's no surprise that the soothing device is among Garshick's top microcurrent picks. "Combining microcurrent, facial massage, light therapy and warmth, this at-home treatment helps to stimulate the muscles, reduce puffiness, and improve the appearance of breakouts and blemishes," she says. "It also boosts collagen, and enhance penetration of other skincare products."

According to Garshick, this no-frills tool from Foreo is one of the best options for microcurrent beginners. "Foreo's FDA-cleared system is easy to use, and features an anti-shock system that makes the experience comfortable and effective, as it adjusts its microcurrent to optimize safety and results."

Designed to tighten the skin around your eyes and mouth, this dual-ended, platinum tool from ReFa uses a built-in solar panel to generate its microcurrent, and washes clean with warm water.

Here's a popular cord-free device from ZIIP that uses nano- and microcurrents to help stimulate facial muscles, and nicely includes its own conductive gel so you can start sculpting your complexion straight away.

"The price is steep ($399 for the device, cleansing brush, microcurrent attachment, LED rings, percussive tips, stand, charger, and case; $99 for the additional hot and cold rings), but you’re getting eight treatments in one," associate beauty editor Katie Intner says. "Many of these tools and treatments alone are upward of $200, so if you’re a fan of facial tools, it's worth shelling out for this multi-faceted device."

This microcurrent devices uses a set of prongs to target your treatment, and features five different intensity levels depending on your skin's needs.

If you're looking to target larger areas of the face, like your cheeks and décolletage, opt for ReFa's Carat Ray Face device, which uses the same solar panel technology as its smaller counterpart. Its platinum rollers aim to mimic the same kneading technique on your skin that's used by professional aestheticians.

Another targeted microcurrent device, this favorite from NuFace is ideal for lifting skin around the eyes and forehead, and can even create the appearance of fuller lips when used around your lip line.

Just like your favorite workout, this facial tool works in 10 minutes to whip your jawline and cheeks into shape, and contains diamond-shaped probes for a more even toning experience.

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using low level electrical currents to boost collagen production while sculpting, stimulating, and lifting facial muscles Related: What to Know About Microcurrent Facials, the Skincare Treatment All Over Your Instagram Feed