Jun 30, 2023

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Kim Kardashian has been a focal point of popular culture in the United States for close to two decades.

In more recent years, many members of the Kardashian family have used their name to establish businesses related to health, beauty, and fashion. One of the most recent ventures for Kim has been the launch of her skincare brand, SKKN BY KIM, which hit store shelves in June 2022.

The high price tags made a splash in the already crowded skincare market, but a few products in the line have received rave reviews from customers and dermatologists.

There are four SKKN BY KIM products that have earned 4.6 out of five stars from customers who have reviewed them.

Additionally, the company has crafted product descriptions highlighting the benefits of each one. However, as many know, the marketing used by companies to promote their products does not always tell the full story. To provide a more accurate picture of how these products compare to others on the market, we took a look at reviews by Dr. Joyce Park, a dermatologist who provided her first impressions of the ingredient list and how they compare to other products on the market.

The first product with 389 reviews is Kim's exfoliator which costs $64. The product's description claims that it will "helps turn dull, dry or lackluster skin into a smooth and glowing complexion." This outcome is achieved by removing dead skin from the face, "leaving it looking renewed, fresh, and retexturized."

Dr. Park made the distinction between chemical and physical exfoliants. Kim's exfoliator is physical meaning that it uses, in this case, round mineral grains to remove dead skin. A chemical exfoliant, like a BHA, reacts directly with the skin to cleanse it. For the price point, Dr. Park was surprised that Kim would have chosen to go with a physical option.

The next product is the hyaluronic acid serum which retails for $105. The company claims that the "serum features a 72-hour water lock on different skin layers." A bit of skincare science, the serum is able to hydrate the various laws of the skin, while containing ingredients that also soothe, refresh, plump, and moisturize.

Dr. Park was quick to warn that the product does contain rose which adds a fragrance, and just because it is "all-natural" does not mean that those with sensitive skin will not have a reaction. In terms of the chemistry of the product, Dr. Park was optimistic saying that the use of two different molecular sizes could provide help to hydrate the different layers of the skin.

With 172 reviews and a $115 price tag, Kim's night oil is one of the most expensive products included in the line. Only one to two drops are needed and the product comes in a thirty-milliliter bottle which is expected to last three months. The refill costs $94, meaning that if you had to order this product four times throughout the year, you are looking at around $400 for one part of your skincare routine alone.

The last product with 4.6 stars from 162 reviews is Kim's Eye Cream, which retails for $87.

This eye cream is focused on hydration and aging, which for some may be perfect, and for others far from what they are looking for when purchasing a product of this kind. The cream targets dryness and "restore skin elasticity in the eye area" by combining three peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Park's first reaction to the cream was that while there were some good ingredients, she prefers eye creams that include retinol and caffeine that help with aging and constrict the blood vessels below the eye to reduce the blue or purple tones that can appear in that area.

There are four other products in the line whose ratings range from 3.8 to 4.4 stars

One of the benefits of SKKN BY KIM is that you can purchase "refills" of products you like that cost less than the original packaging. It also reduces the amount of plastic consumed because the refills arrive in a compostable bag that allows the material to be easily transferred into the original container.

The Derm Review, which brings together dermatologists who dedicate themselves to reviewing skincare products, are not totally convinced that the products are priced appropriately. The group explained that "while [they] appreciate that SKKN BY KIM products are formulated with evidence-based ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and alpha hydroxy acids, the formulas aren't exactly revolutionary and don't quite justify the high price point."

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