810nmtranscranial Tpbm Application Near-Infrared Nir Light Therapy Helmet

810nmtranscranial Tpbm Application Near-Infrared Nir Light Therapy Helmet

Overview Product Description PBM laser cap. Main Function* NIR light can penetrate the head and reach the brain.* NIR is


Basic Info
Model NO. Nourifo brain
Power 22W
LED Quantity 276PCS
LED Power 80MW T0 100MW
Wavelength 810nm
Treatment1 Stroke, Brain Injuiry
Effect Promote Blood Circulation, Anti-Inflammation
Treatment2 Alzheimer, Parkinson
Treatment 3 Mental Disorder, Depression
Transport Package Paper Box
Trademark Nourifo
Origin China
Production Capacity 10000sets /Year
Product Description

PBM laser cap.

Main Function* NIR light can penetrate the head and reach the brain.* NIR is absorbed by cytochrome c oxidase in mitochondria.* Heat-gated ion channels also play a role.* Increased blood flow, energy, neuroprotection, less inflammation, brain repair.* Can treat traumatic (stroke, TBI), neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.What is Photobiomodulation?Photobiomodulation (PBM) describes the use of red or near-infrared light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect tissue thathas either been injured, is degenerating, or else is at risk of dying. One of the organ systems of the human body that is mostnecessary to life, and whose optimum functioning is most worried about by humankind in general, is the brain. The brain suffersfrom many different disorders that can be classified into three broad groupings: traumatic events (stroke, traumatic brain injury,and global ischemia), degenerative diseases (dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), and psychiatric disorders (depression,anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder). There is some evidence that all these seemingly diverse conditions can be beneficiallyaffected by applying light to the head. There is even the possibility that PBM could be used for cognitive enhancement in normalhealthy people. In this transcranial PBM (tPBM) application, near-infrared (NIR) light is often applied to the forehead because ofthe better penetration (no hair, longer wavelength). Principle810nm near-infrared light can penetrate the scalp and skull by about 1cm.Transcranial leds from the near infrared spectrum havebeen shown to provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.Heat shock proteins can also be added to prevent proteinmisfolding and unwanted synthesis;Has the potential to increase neuron regeneration and synaptic regeneration.Cytochrome C oxidase (CCO, also known as complex IV) is a specific structure in mitochondria that ACTS as a photon receptor andthus plays the PBM effect.PBM prevents respiratory inhibition (and correspondingly reduces energy storage) in stress cells byisolating nitric oxide (NO) and reversing the shift of oxygen in cytochrome C oxidase.This triggers transcription factors thatalter gene expression levels.The binding of nitric oxide (NO) to copper (or heme) centers in the mitochondrial cytochrome Coxidase (CCO) inhibits cell respiration.But cytochrome C oxidase, which absorbs red or near-infrared (NIR) light, dissociatesnitric oxide, restoring oxygen, increasing cellular respiration, and forming adenosine triphosphate (ATP).This triggers a cascadeof intracellular reactions involving nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species (ROS), and cyclic adenosine phosphate (cAMP) thatproduce beneficial effects of PBM. Detailed PhotosProduct Parameters

810nmtranscranial Tpbm Application Near-Infrared Nir Light Therapy Helmet


810nmtranscranial Tpbm Application Near-Infrared Nir Light Therapy Helmet

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810nmtranscranial Tpbm Application Near-Infrared Nir Light Therapy Helmet

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810nmtranscranial Tpbm Application Near-Infrared Nir Light Therapy Helmet

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