Disposable Dental Bibs White 13

Disposable Dental Bibs White 13"X18", 3 Ply Waterproof Tattoo Bib Sheet, High Absorbent Nail Salons Tray Cover and Table Cover Supplies, Upgraded

Overview Product Description What Dental Bibs Used For? Dental bibs are used primarily in dental procedures to keep the


Basic Info
Model NO. BF-DB1
Usage Polishing Material, Embedded Material, Orthodontic Material, Dental Preventive Health Care Materials, Planting Material, Bonding Material, Filling Material, Denture Processing
Usage Times Disposable
Material Paper+PE
Applicable Departments Dental Department
Nature Shared Instrument Equipment
Certification CE
Layers 3 Ply
Colors Blue White Pink Purple Green Black etc
Size 33*45cm or Customized
OEM Available
Transport Package 125PCS/Bag, 4bags/CTN
Specification 0.02CBM/ctn
Trademark BINFEI
Origin China
HS Code 4818500000
Production Capacity 250000PCS/Week
Product Description
  • DISPOSABLE ADULT BIBS - Enhance cleanliness while eating and feeding with 13"x18" dental bibs. Suitable for senior living, nursing homes, and patient care. Attach with clips to hang from the neck, tuck into the neckline of a shirt, or use as a lap cover.
  • MEDICAL & DENTAL GRADE - Dental bibs disposable ready for dentist and orthodontist offices. These generously sized 13"x18" disposable bibs are perfect for kids, adults, and patients of all kinds, offering both effective coverage and roomy comfort.
  • WATER-RESISTANT & ABSORBENT - Absorbs body fluids, blood, and ink to keep the environment sanitary & hygienic. Poly film adds a water-resistant layer with horizontal embossing that helps prevent liquids and fluids from spreading onto clothing or surfaces.
  • STRONG & TEAR-RESISTANT - These dentist bibs are durably constructed from 2-ply tissue + 1-ply poly material that is soft to the touch yet incredibly strong and resistant to tearing and puncturing. High-absorbency dental bib traps any liquid spill at its origin.
  • RECOMMENDED TATTOO SUPPLIES - Recommended by tattoo parlors and professional piercing studios, these tattoo bibs make impressive tattoo tray table covers. Quickly soak up excess ink and prevent dark inks from seeping through and staining the workbench.

What Dental Bibs Used For?

Dental bibs are used primarily in dental procedures to keep the patient dry while also maintaining a solid barrier for any bacteria. While dentists have historically been the primary customers of dental bibs, there are many other industries where dental bibs can and are used.


As the product name suggests, dental bibs are most commonly used by dentists. Dental bibs are expected to be worn by patients during any dental procedures. Using dental bib clips, the dental bib is worn over the body. With the potential for heavy fluid exposure, the dental bib keeps the patient clean and dry as the dentist conducts their procedure.

Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo parlors are filled with aerosols, fluids and ink. To help reduce cross-contamination, dental bibs, also known as tattoo bibs, can be used in a variety of ways to maintain a safe working environment. Tattoo artists sometimes provide dental bibs to customers to prevent fluids from getting on to the customer. They can also be used as a lap cloth or table cover for a tattooartist's instruments. The absorbent fluid tissue and polyurethane backing means that the tools will not leak on to the surfacebelow it.

Nail Salons

Similar to tattoo parlors, nail salons are filled with a combination of aerosols, fluids and chemicals. To ensure a clean space dental bibs can be used to maintain a safe environment for both the customers and employees. The most common use cases of dentalbibs within a nail salon is as an equipment or tray cover for their tools. It is best practice to keep many of their tools as clean or sterile as possible. By using dental bibs as equipment or tray covers, nail salons can ensure that their tools are kept as hygienic as possible. In addition, dental bibs may be given to a customer to ensure that any nail polish or any other fluids do not spill onto them during nail procedures.

Are Patient Bibs The Same As Dental Bibs?

Patient bibs are the same as dental bibs. While it may be marketed as patient bibs, rest assured that these are the same products. To check if they are the same product, look to see if they are multi ply bibs with both a tissue and polyurethane side. This will ensure that these bibs are both water absorbent and water resistant.

What Size Do Dental Bibs Come In?

The most common size that dental bibs come in are 13 inches by 18 inches. While there are other sizes available, this is the standard size for all dental bibs. This size comfortably provides enough surface coverage when worn as a dental bib during a dental procedure. This size also provides more than adequate surface area when used to hold the tools for tattoo artists and nail salons.
material2ply paper + 1ply film
colorsblue/white/pink/green/yellow/purple/black etc.
inner pack125pcs/bag, 4bags/ctn
Applicationwaterproof saliva liquid etc.

What Makes A Good Dental Bib?

A good dental bib should be both highly absorbent and provide solid liquid protection. The tissue paper should be absorbent while the polyurethane should ensure that liquid does not escape the bib itself. It is important to also ensure that dental bib does not easily rip. Low quality dental bibs will use cheaper raw materials including lower quality tissue paper and polyurethane. This will result in dental bibs that are more susceptible to ripping while also not providing the same level of liquid absorbency or fluid protection. While it may be tempting to save a few dollars, higher quality dental bibs will pay off much more in the long term.Detailed Photos

Disposable Dental Bibs White 13"X18", 3 Ply Waterproof Tattoo Bib Sheet, High Absorbent Nail Salons Tray Cover and Table Cover Supplies, Upgraded

What Are Dental Bibs Made Of?

Dental bibs are made of multiple layers of tissue and polyurethane material. You will see dental or patient bibs marketed by their ply. It is most common to see dental bibs come in 2 or 3 ply. The ply most commonly refers to how many layers of tissue paper are included in the bib. The more tissue ply means that there material can absorb any fluids or liquids. While some may prefer 3 ply tissue, it is most common to see professionals go for 2 ply tissue for their patient bib needs.
The other component material of a dental bib is the polyurethane side. This material is what provides the dental bib with its water resistance. To identify which side of a dental bib is the polyurethane side, look to find the side that is shinier. This is the side that is touching the patient when used as a traditional dental bib. When a dental bib is used to hold tools, the polyurethane side should be touching the surface. This ensures that the tools are absorbed by the tissue side while the polyurethane side provides a barrier to ensure that the surface or table does not get wet or damp.

Disposable Dental Bibs White 13"X18", 3 Ply Waterproof Tattoo Bib Sheet, High Absorbent Nail Salons Tray Cover and Table Cover Supplies, Upgraded

Disposable Dental Bibs White 13"X18", 3 Ply Waterproof Tattoo Bib Sheet, High Absorbent Nail Salons Tray Cover and Table Cover Supplies, Upgraded

Disposable Dental Bibs White 13"X18", 3 Ply Waterproof Tattoo Bib Sheet, High Absorbent Nail Salons Tray Cover and Table Cover Supplies, Upgraded

Disposable Dental Bibs White 13"X18", 3 Ply Waterproof Tattoo Bib Sheet, High Absorbent Nail Salons Tray Cover and Table Cover Supplies, Upgraded

How To Choose a Dental Bib?

Choosing the right bib for your needs can be difficult, so it's important to know what you should look for. It is important to understand the differences and what are must haves for a good disposable dental bib. The size of the bib is extremely important. Bibs that are too big will not protect your clothes from getting wet, and if they're too small you'll have a hard time reaching down to wipe up any mess. As previously stated, the standard size of a dental bib is 13 inches by 18 inches. This provides adequate coverage for most situations but does not provide full body fluid protection like a patient gown would.
Dental bibs are composed of two different materials. The one side should consist of multiple ply of tissue paper. The tissue paper side is designed to be worn on the outside and is built to absorb any liquids as not to spill onto the patient. The other side should consist of poly material. This material should be worn on the inside facing the patient. This material is waterproof and should prevent any the absorbed liquid from the tissue side from reaching the patient. The dental bib should be a snug fit on the patient. If it is too loose, fluids can escape onto the patient and if it's too tight, it can be uncomfortable to wear for the patient.
The final thing to test for when choosing the right dental bib is to ensure that the materials are strong enough to preventtearing. The material should be flexible and durable to avoid any rips or tears. Dental bibs are expected to be worn by patients and can come in contact with equipment used by dentists, nail salon professionals and tattoo artists. Some of these pieces of equipment can be sharp. A strong, durable dental bib should be able to take incidental or minor contact with these pieces of professional equipment and prevent piercing or tearing. If the dental bib is not made from high quality material, it may be more susceptible to tearing and rips. If this happens, fluids can escape onto the patient.

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