Medical Grade Cold Laser Therapy Hypertention Diabetes Treatment Semiconductor Physical Rehabilitation Equipment Low Level Laser Therapy Wrist Watch

Medical Grade Cold Laser Therapy Hypertention Diabetes Treatment Semiconductor Physical Rehabilitation Equipment Low Level Laser Therapy Wrist Watch

Medical Grade Cold Laser Therapy Hypertention Diabetes Treatment Semiconductor Physical Rehabilitation Equipment Low Lev


Basic Info
Model NO. GY-L2
Laser Medium Gaa/as Semiconductor
Laser Emission Wavelength 650nm and 450nm
Terminal Laser Probe 10 Laser Beams for Watch, 2 Nasal Cavity Laser Bea
Laser Output Power 2-5MW for Each Laser Probe
Laser Operating Voltage 3.0 V
Input Voltage of Power 100-240 V Switching Adapter
Fixed Time Range 10-60 Minutes Adjustable
Relative Humidity Below 85%
Environment Temperature -20°c ~ 40°c
Atmospheric Pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Power Source Use 1600 Ma Lithium Battery
Product Packing 1PC/Box, 19*12*13cm
Warranty 1 Year
OEM/Oed Support
Application Home
Transport Package Carton Package
Specification 19*12*13cm
Trademark SSCH
Origin China
Production Capacity 100pieces/Month
Product Description
Medical Grade Cold Laser Therapy Hypertention Diabetes Treatment Semiconductor Physical Rehabilitation Equipment Low Level Laser Therapy Wrist Watch

The Laser therapy Watch is an innovative 3-in-1 device that uses the latest research findings in the field of low-level-laser therapy. The main function is to reduce high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high blood fat and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It combines acupuncture,local pain therapy and external blood irradiation and becomes your ideal companion.Whether at home, at work or on the road.The watch comes with a pad for area irradiation(pain management), an ear applicator(e.g. tinnitus) and a nasal applicator(rhinitis,allergies,etc.)

Dyslipidemia Hypertension.Diabetes Varicosed Veins.Kidney disease Anti-aging.Weight reduction Enhancement of male fertility.Peripheral Arterial Disease Improvement of wound healing.Cognitive impairment ( Dementia & Alzheimer's).Disease Vertigo ( Improvement of O2 carrying capacity of RBC by enhancing its oxyphoric function thru regeneration).Ischemic heart disease ( Angina, Heart Attack).Cerebro - vascular disease ( TIA, Stroke ).Stimulation of the differentiation of stem cells.

Treatment principle:
The semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument is an important aspect in quantum medicine. The low-energy 650 nm laser can irradiate the circulating blood in the vessels of the left hand accupoint and the mucosal tissue in the nasal cavity so that the photoelectric biological effect will generate.And thus, the molecular structure of protein (enzyme and other functional protein) in blood will change and the organism adopting the therapy will produce a series of biological effects, which include:I. Change property of blood hemorheology, lower whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, platelet aggregation capability and red cell aggregation capability and strength deformability of red cell to lower blood coagulation, suppress thrombogenesis and improve blood circulation, especially microcirculation.II. Adjust body immune state (including humoral immunity and cellular immunity) improves disease resistance of organism and help the recovery of infectious diseases and diseases about allergia and autoimmunity.III. Improve intoxication state of organism. Enhance activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD, a kind of enzyme for scavenging free radical) in the organism, lower the medium molecular substance (MMS) and reduce other stack, so that the organism is protected from the damage to free radical, MMS and other toxicants.Effects of blue light.Blue light stimulates the first complex of the respiratory chain (NADH dehydrogenase).It has the following effects:Anti-inflammatory Activates telomerase (Anti-Aging).Enhances NO (Nitric Oxide) production By increasing the activity of fibroblasts blue light optimize.wound healing and improves the oxygen utilization in the tissue.Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, the laser pad can be used very successfully in dermatology.

Laser mediumGaA/As Semiconductor
Laser emission wavelength650nm and 450nm
Terminal laser probe10 laser beams and 2 nasal cavity laser beams and 2 ear cavity laser beams, 12 laser beams for pain relief pad
Laser output power2-5mw for each laser probe
Laser operating voltage3.0 V
Input voltage of power100-240 V switching adapter
Fixed time range10-60 mins can be adjusted
Environment temperature-20°C ~ 40°C
Relative humidity≤85%
Atmospheric pressure86kpa-106kpa
Power source use1600 mA Lithium battery
Product Packing1pc/box,19*12*13cm
PaymentPaypal, Western Union, T/T, Credit Card
Shipping time3-7 days


What is the benefit of laser therapy?
1. Lower blood viscosity: injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can increase the deformability of red cell, improve aggregation of red cell and platelet and oxygen carrying capacity of red cell to make original negative charge of red cell become normal, enlarge the mutual repulsive force and disperse the gathered red cell to achieve the aim at lowering blood.2. Lower blood fat: injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can activate various enzymes and decompose redundant fat in blood and increase blood oxygen content so as to scavenge the free radical, disturb the metabolic process of lipid peroxidation, reduce and clear cholesterol in the vessels and finally lower blood fat.3.Prevent formation of thrombus: injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can reduce the shrinking vasoactive substance. Improve extending vasoactive substance, lower content with substance forming thrombus in blood and help prevent happening or cerebral thrombosis diseases, such as cerebral apoplexy, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction and coronary heart.4. Treat and prevent high blood pressure and smooth blood pressure and blood sugar: injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can lower blood viscosity and improve the aggregation of red cell and platelet, so as to lower blood viscosity and reduce the peripheral resistance, and moreover, lower blood fat, improve elasticity of vessel wall and promote the blood pressure back to normal. In addition, light quantum can smooth blood pressure through reducing peripheral resistance and relieving heart load.5. Body pain relief: The body pain relief probes adopt 650 nm red laser, 450 nm blue light and red light, to noninvasive irradiating our pain point. To penetrate the meridian, absorb the inflammatory edema, dredge the meridian and channel, producing more biological enzyme to cure kinds of disease. Such as the cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc of herniation, frozen shoulder, arthritis, prostatitis.6. Brain fitness and memory enhancement: mental labors will consume plenty of triphosadenine (ATP) every day, whose source must have the participation of oxygen and glucose. Suyzeko semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument can improve oxygen carrying and releasing ability of red cell to ensure that there are enough energy for brain to achieve the function of brain fitness and memory enhancement.7. Evidently improve the clinical symptoms: the symptoms of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as dizziness, headache, choking sensation in chesty hard breath, language stagnation, amnesia, somnolence and feebleness arc improved evidently. The light quantum can stimulate phagocyte to enhance its ability, accelerate degradation of lipoprotein, reduce the peripheral force, improve blood circulation, relieve the body symptoms quickly and increase the activity tolerance.


Product Contraindications:
1. bleeding state with caution;2. caution during pregnancy;3. 13 years of age with caution;4. untreated epilepsy patients with caution.5. With cancer or malignant tumor with caution.6. patients with pacemakers in the body with caution.7. Sensitive light (congenital or caused by drugs) with caution.8. Do not directly use the laser light to illuminate the eyes / retina.9. frequent bleeding or a large number of blood loss with caution.10. coagulation dysfunction, or blood coagulation weak with caution.11.In the case of hyperthyroidism, do not direct exposure to the neck or thyrotd.

Common Problem:
1. How do I choose the power and treatment time?For the power, It is divided into four levels.For the time, It divided into 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 40 min, 50 min, 60 min.For general patient, we suggested for 30 min with the highest power.It's suggested Twice or three times a day and 30 min per each treatment.The time and power can be according to your own fitness scale or adaptedness gradually add per each treatment time to 10 min or 60 min.After every 10 days treatment, pause 1 or 2 days. Then continues the next 10 days treatment2. How to operate the semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument?Firstly, wear only for left hand. The device's back part correspond with the radial artery. If there is a lot of dirt on your nasal cavity laser probe or ear cavity laser probe before application, please clean it. When using nasal cavity laser probe, stick the nasal cavity head into your nose for 2-3 cm and clamp the nasal septum. Using way of ear cavity laser probe is the same as wearing common earphone. Press on/off key to turn on the device. You will see the LCD screen is on, only mode A is activated. Press Mode key to choose Red/Blue or both modes for laser therapeutic instrument.Insert the nasal or ear or pain relief pad probes line into the socket, mode B is also activated. Press on/off key one second to start the treatment (notice: long press of the on/off key will shut down the instrument), you can see the laser coming out from the phototherapy instrument probe during the treatment. After the treatment is finished, long press on/off key to shut down the instrument. Store in a safe place after cleaning (gently wipe by tissue) the therapy head. Only one probe work each time, nasal cavity laser probe, ear cavity laser probe and laser pain relief pad can't work together.3. How to find the Radial Artery?Using two fingers of your right hand to position the outside of the left hand's first wrist line (See the picture). Then, use the instrument backpart of the Radial Artery laser acupoint correspond with the hand's Radial Artery to wear the instrument on your left hand.4. May I choose do not use the nasal cavity irradiation?We strongly recommend that should combine with the nasal cavity irradiation. Thus, can get the maximum treatment efficiency. Before using the nasal cavity probe, DO USE the small cap to protect on the head. Please clean your nasal cavity head with 0.9% normal saline (sold in drugstores), or gently wipe by tissue. Then, stick the nasal cavity probe into your nose for 2-3 cm and clamp the nasal septum.5. What others should I pay attention to during the treatment period?You do not need to change your other living habits, while you should develop a certain diet or do certain exercise if you have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, etc. in addition, please do not use ethanol to clean your nasal cavities and the phototherapy instrument head, since ethanol irritates mucosa and will damage the probe shell. It is suggested to clean with 0.9% normal saline (sold in drugstores) or gently wipe with a wet pa per towel.6. May I choose a longer treatment time to enhance the curative effect?You are suggested to use the instrument according to the time and magnitude specified by us. Because medical experiment has found out that the more energy the mucosal tissue of human body absorbs from soft laser will not necessarily enhance curative effect, since over radiation witl make the mucosal tissue to be less sensitive.7. Will I feel anything during the treatment?You will hardly feel any pain, harshness or other discomfort; however, since light luminance coming out of the therapy head is fairly high, please do not bring out the phototherapy head and directly observe the light with your eyes and it is better to close your eyes during the treatment. In the few beginning days, because of improved blood circulation state, very few patients will experience such normal phenomenon as dry throat, headache, worse rhinobyon, slight nose bleed, etc. If you have serious discomfort, you may reduce the treatment time or power for each treatment, or reuse it after three days, the discomfort will disappear soon.Customer feedbacks:

Medical Grade Cold Laser Therapy Hypertention Diabetes Treatment Semiconductor Physical Rehabilitation Equipment Low Level Laser Therapy Wrist Watch

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Medical Grade Cold Laser Therapy Hypertention Diabetes Treatment Semiconductor Physical Rehabilitation Equipment Low Level Laser Therapy Wrist Watch

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