PDT Photodynamic Therapy Machine Red Light Therapy Bed

PDT Photodynamic Therapy Machine Red Light Therapy Bed

PDT Photodynamic Therapy Machine Red Light Therapy Bed Brief Introduction:Depend on the different wavelength combination


Basic Info
Model NO. GY-W4L
Theory LED Light
Application Salon, Home
Portable Non Portable
Wavelength Option 450, 635, 660, 810, 850, 940nm, etc
Irradiance 80 MW/Cm2
Total LEDs 26, 400 / Other
Time Adjustment 0-30 Min
Recommend Treatment Time 15-20 Min
LED Lifetime 100, 000 Hours
Power Requirement 220V 10A / 110V 20A
Total Dose in 10 Min 48 J/Cm2
Touch Screen Control Unit Optional
Different Wavelengths Frequency Control Optional
User Weight Capacity 150 Kg
WiFi Remote Control Optional
Different Wavelengths Power Control Optional
Product Dimension 190*85*90 Cm
Product Net Weight 100 Kg
Transport Package Carton Package
Specification 190*85*90cm
Trademark SSCH
Origin China
Production Capacity 100pieces/Month
Product Description
PDT Photodynamic Therapy Machine Red Light Therapy Bed
Brief Introduction:Depend on the different wavelength combinations, red light therapy works and it is not only specified to skin beauty and fat loss, but also muscle healing or bone repair, even for the disorders and infections. Because this can be more effective in several other health complications. It is important to be known on which principles or rules this therapy is based on, because this will let everyone efficiency, working and results of light therapy. Red light therapy machine is low level energy light to relaxation and strengthen blood capillary, which also can promote blood circulation, oxygen and increase to accelerate the detoxification effect. It is mainly used for subcutaneous tissue cell mitochondria, efficient biological photochemistry reaction, enzymatic reactions, activation of mitochondrial cytochrome oxide enzyme C, producing more energy to accelerate DNA, RNA synthesis, especially fiber cells, in tissue repair. Specific wavelengths combination have different penetration ability and benefits. 660+850nm can use for pain relief, muscle healing and bone repair. 635nm+infrared can use for skin beauty and visceral fat loss. With more ATP for cells to function more efficiently, to heal, regenerate and repair damage.We customize the Special LED with lens(best light focusing optical power ability), Special illumination system(high density led light bar, closer and direct irradiance structure) and Different functions(power adjustment, frequency adjustment, wifi remote control, etc), which is powerful enough to make the treatment effectively. As for this kind of light therapy devices, the optical irradiance power is significant. When the optical power is not enough, it is not effective in beauty or treatment and it is equivalent to spending money to buy a product that is useless. We are specialized in these light therapy products.Main Specifications:
Led Lifetime100,000 hours
Power Requirement220V 10A / 110V 20A
Irradiance80 mW/cm²
Total Leds26,400 / Other
Total Dose In 10 min48 J/cm²
Wavelength Option450, 635, 660, 810, 850, 940nm, etc
Time Adjustment0-30 min
Touch Screen Control UnitOptional
Different WavelengthsPower ControlOptional
Different WavelengthsFrequency ControlOptional
Wifi Remote ControlOptional
Recommend Treatment Time15-20 min
User Weight Capacity150 kg
Product Dimension190*85*90 cm
Product Net Weight100 kg
Warranty2 years for led strips1 year for machine unit

Product Features--Origin from European design, elegant design, smooth surface, 360 degree full body high intensity light energy irridiation, activate the whole body cell--Built-in special red light collagen stimulation led strip , promote body micro circulation, improve skin tone---Non-invasive photo physical therapy, safe and no side effect---easy to operate, touch control system , can adjust frequency and power intensity easily---Support personalized design, audio system, video system, automatic paid coin system---Born for middle-high end beauty salon, fitness center, community health center, health club ect.---Independent circuit protection system, The separation technology between the base and the body ensures effective operation and to ensure the safety of personnel and users---Cyclone air circulation system,Surround the body with cold air from the outside to ensure comfortProduct effect:• Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines • Reduces crow's feet• Improves skin tone• Helps sun damaged skin• Heals and prevents acne• Stimulation&regeneration of collagen • Photorejuvenation• Full body Phototherapy• Automatic-off timer to guarantee accurate session time• Curved canopy for side to side skin rejuvenation• Specially glossed aluminum reflectors to provide even rejuvenation• Biotech tunnel design• Superflow internal cooling fans• Adjustable gas spring lifts• Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines• Reduces crow's feet• Improves skin tone• Helps sun damaged skin• Heals and prevents acne • Stimulation & regeneration of collagen• Activates fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastin• stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation• Heals skin blemishes • Reduces skin degradation • Creates more skin moisture which will help fill out skin• Body detoxification• Helps irregular pigmentation• Reduces brown age-spot producing melanin• Reduces pore size • Reduces skin coarseness• Reduces overall redness, flushing, dilated capillaries What make us standout against competitors ?As for this kind of machine, the optical power is significant. When the optical power is not enough, it is not effective in beauty or treatment,and it is equivalent to spending money to buy a product that is useless. In order to make the infrared led bed emit more light enegy than other competitors and deliver profound result to customers. We pays so much attentions on the technical elements and invest heavily in the early stage.We can customize 1) special LED for best light focusing ability lens2) Special illumination system such as high light gathering ability led, high density led light bar, direct irradiance structure3) Different smart control system , power adjustment, frequency adjustment, wifi remote controlWhat do "Collagen" beds do?They naturally stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin in the body and increases circulation by the formulation of new capillaries which speed up the healing process in damaged skin.What is Collagen and Elastin?Collagen is the protein that connects and supports your bodily tissues such as: skin, bones, teeth etc. Elastin is the protein that provides the skin with flexibility and firmness?Why should i rejuvenate the Collagen and Elastin in my body?Because as we age, the Collagen and Elastin production levels decline and therefore result in the skin becoming weaker and thinner which leads to wrinkles, fine lines, age spots etc.How does Red light therapy work?Red light is able to penetrate the skin to a depth of 8-10mm, encouraging the cells to naturally stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin.What's the difference between the "Collagen Rejuvenation" bed and all the other Collagen beds on the market?The "Collagen Rejuvenation" bed has been specially designed with 20 high pressure collagen lamps in the top canopy therefore enabling you to get a much more concentrated dosage of red light to your body. As far as we're aware Sun Centre World is the only company in Britain to have a bed of this kind.What are the advantages of receiving a more concentrated dosage of red light?The advantages are:-Because of the high pressure lamps, the red light is guaranteed to penetrate the skin to the maximum depth at all times.-You can have a shorter session time on the bed whilst achieving maximum results.-Shorter session times means money saved.What is the difference between Red light therapy and LED (light emitting diode), IPL (intense pulsed light) and Laser therapy?Red light Therapy uses red light fluorescent lamps to penetrate the whole body and is affordable, non-evasive, natural, pain-free and do not cuts which typically penetrate the face only and cast light in just one direction

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