Wholesale Pbm Therapy Device M6n 660nm 830nm 850nm 940nm Red Infrared LED Light Therapy

Wholesale Pbm Therapy Device M6n 660nm 830nm 850nm 940nm Red Infrared LED Light Therapy

Overview Product Description Anti-Aging LightTherapyWANT YOUR SKIN TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER?These sessions are for our c


Basic Info
Model NO. Nourifo skin
Cooling System Advanced Tec Cooling System
Colour Black &Silver
Transport Package Metal Box
Specification full body
Trademark Nourifo
Origin China
Production Capacity 10000sets /Year
Product Description

Anti-Aging LightTherapyWANT YOUR SKIN TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER?These sessions are for our clients who want to naturally increase collagen, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, support fascia, lessen scars, even out tone and texture.NON-INVASIVE, NO PAIN, NO DOWNTIME"Exposure to light has been scientifically shown and is understood by consumers to affect skin structure, for example by reducing wrinkles for months after treatment, which may be the result of new collagen formation or reorganization, or repair of elastin damage." YOU DESERVE TO LOOK YOUR BEST!Anti-aging light therapy is a natural non-invasive way to get your skin to look and feel younger. No pain, no downtime. Try these sessions before you consider getting plastic surgery or injections. Repeat sessions with consistency until you achieve your desired results.Nourifo Light Therapy systemBody SculptingDO YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WAY YOUR BODY LOOKS?These sessions are for our clients who want to naturally shrink fat cells. We are able to target areas with stubborn pockets of fat including waist, thighs, arms that will not budge with diet and exercise. Our diode laser+led system is state-of-the-art mat based with specialized Laser+led that emit Red and Near Infrared Light. This means that we can get more of the light energy into your body than a panel or tanning booth style system. We will come up with a customized plan of action based on your goals and place our mats accordingly. Body Sculpting sessions are meant to supplement a healthy diet and activity level to maintain results.NON-INVASIVE, NO PAIN, NO DOWNTIMENourifo light therapy body sculpting is completely natural & noninvasive and has proven to be an effective option for changing the way your body looks. Try our Nourifo System before getting plastic surgery.Nourifo system For Pain & InflammationINFLAMMATION CAUSE OF MOST DISEASESInflammation is our body's first line of defense and is meant to protect you during the healing process. Medical researchers are theorizing that chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of almost every single modern disease. Over 350 million people worldwide suffer from chronic inflammation. This is a real problem!For Pain & InflammationINFLAMMATION CAUSE OF MOST DISEASESNON-INVASIVE, NON-PRESCRIPTION, SAFEChronic inflammation is a constant pain cycle but breaking free is the key to feeling better and allowing your body to really heal. Red Light Therapy is a natural, non-invasive, non-prescription way to reduce inflammation and pain while increasing circulation and draining the lymphatic system. Many clients have been successful in minimizing the effects of various chronic pain ailments and autoimmune diseases using our sysytem. Light Therapy system for Muscle RecoveryRECOVER LIKE A WARRIORNo matter if you are healing from injury or training for the big event, Light Therapy is there to support your muscle health. NASA has been using this technology to aid astronauts during space travel since the early '90's to help maintain muscle mass and bone density.BE AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAMENourifo system helps to heal muscles, protect cells from damage, protect from muscle fatigue, and accelerate the healing process. It is suggested to have a session prior to physical activity if you want a natural boost of energy and to do after physical activity for quicker muscle recovery. Light Therapy has been shown to promote better athletic performance, muscle recovery, muscle Grow and reduction of inflammation while increasing circulation.Nourifo system for RelaxationWANT TO FEEL CALM AND RELAXED?Nouorifo system also Relaxation Sessions are for our clients that crave a clear and calm mind. Most clients fall asleep during the session and wake up rested and relaxed. We pair our sessions with a choice of spa music, guided meditation, classical music, or nature sounds. FEELING STRESSED?The Nourifo system uses specialized googles that emit multi-color lights paired with soothing sounds to help our clients with relaxation, sleep quality while reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and irritability. This goggle system uses the light to focus and calm the mind. The pairing of light and sounds set a pace that helps guide you towards slowing your breath to a meditative state (5.5 seconds inhale, 5.5 seconds exhale) and bringing your heart rate into a desirable range. We also have standard goggles available. YOU ARE WORTH FEELING YOUR BEST!Our meditation device and Red Light Therapy combo are ways to promote a calm mind and body. These sessions often lead our clients to a better mood and a more restful night's sleep. Red Light Therapy has been shown to reduce cortisol while strengthening circadian rhythm and promoting overall mind/body wellness.

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Wholesale Pbm Therapy Device M6n 660nm 830nm 850nm 940nm Red Infrared LED Light Therapy

Wholesale Pbm Therapy Device M6n 660nm 830nm 850nm 940nm Red Infrared LED Light Therapy

Product Parameters
Product NameNourifo full body light/lasers therapy system
Main Ingredientdiode lasers+led, or all is diode lasers
FunctionPainreleif, wound healing,lipo,slim,weight loss, hair growing
Packagemetal box
wavelength650nm+810nm +635nm+980nm
Wavelength customize1060nm cusomize, 532nm+635nm cusomize

Wholesale Pbm Therapy Device M6n 660nm 830nm 850nm 940nm Red Infrared LED Light Therapy

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Wholesale Pbm Therapy Device M6n 660nm 830nm 850nm 940nm Red Infrared LED Light Therapy

Company Profile

WuHan Qitop Technology is located at beautiful scenic East Lake side, Optical Valley Avenue. Qitop Laser is a factory specializes in research,development,production and marketing of industrial laser system,medical laser equipment,laser machine and so on, Qitop has an integrative team with a group of professionals in fields of laser,mechanism,electronic,industrial automatization and computer software. We are innovative pioneers who offers professional laser machinery, laser equipment systemsolution and all machinery for the domestic and oversea customer.Qitop Laser equipment mainly includes Industrial laser system, Medical laser system, Laser machine and other six major series more than 10 product cateories. The core technology has got many national patents. And formed a set of advanced and mature production technology, which could timely,quality,and quantity provide customers with superior performance,competitive prices of products.Our laser products are well received in china and over 10 foreign countries.Sustaining the tenet'build brand, honest trustworthy,technical head and innovative" The Qitop Laser ready to provide new and old customer with more advanced and cost-effective laser


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Wuhan qitop technology co.,Ltd own brand is Nourifo, all product type and name is Nourifo brand.As 18 years profession in medial laser filed&beauty filed, we have professional engineers team and RD Research,we love medical beauty fild, as for itwe have get many Patents and certificates,and will always develop new have vitality Product help our cusotmer grow busines.we also have technical technical forever on internet or overseas.

FAQQ1.Are you manufacture?yes, we are manfaucture, not trading company, all laser product is our company design and produce, all our products we have patents to protect.
Q2: About the delivery?We can offer the door to door services by air or by sea, just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX... by air; and the sea transportations.
Q3: About the delivery time?Within 7 working days after payemnt received.Q4: About the package?Strong and beautiful aluminum alloy case.Q5: About technology supports?We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. We prepare the technical documents for you, also you can contact us by telephone, webcam, online chat (MSN, skype...).Q6: About the payment method?Our payment terms is T/T, Western Union.Q7: About the after-sale service?We provide 12 months long warranty to customers.

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