Jan 13, 2024

An Honest Review of Kat Burki Form Control Neck Contour and Exfoliating Pen

When I said I was really focusing on my neck and décolletage in my skin-care routine this year (and forever), I wasn't joking. Not to be Miss Dramatica over here, but the tech neck and cleavage wrinkles have got to go. Like I always say, aging is cool, and I’m grateful for it. But please don't judge me if I still want that smooth skin! I was really intrigued when I first heard about the Kat Burki Form Control Neck Contour and Exfoliating Pen ($150). First of all, it's a pen? How does that work? In my mind's eye, I fantasized that it was some laser pointer instrument that would zap my wrinkles away, kind of like that nail polish in the movie Total Recall (IYKYK). Alas, it's not that futuristic, but still pretty cool. Let's get into it.

When it comes to exfoliating treatments, the Kat Burki Form Control Neck Contour and Exfoliating Pen instantly stands out. I haven't really seen or tried anything else like this, which is essentially a skin-care product with a built-in tool (aside from eye cream contour pens). Even though it's called a pen, it doesn't look like a writing tool. Instead, it is a tube that has a silicone head with tiny bristles attached to it. You twist the tube, and squeeze out the product, which gets dispersed into the pen.

The ingredients are made up of fruit enzymes, such as papaya for exfoliation and brightening, pumpkin, for more exfoliation, and cherry bark extract, which soothes and reduces puffiness and inflammation. There's also a stable form of vitamin C that gets activated once absorbed into the skin, and alpha arbutin for lightening UV-caused pigmentation.

Usually, when it comes to taking care of my neck, I just take my skin-care down, using the same serums and moisturizers as I do on my face. However, because my neck and chest are becoming much more of a focus these days, I’ve been paying close attention to their particular needs. Aside from the aforementioned neck lines, another issue I have for the area are these little bumps that are remnants of the skin tags I got removed a couple of years ago (something I am, admittedly, self conscious about). So anything that can properly exfoliate is a big draw. I like that about the pen. I also really enjoy using the tool to gently massage and exfoliate my neck, drawing it upwards. It's easy, but takes a little getting used to, since I was so accustomed to just slapping on some serum and moisturizer on it in the past.

In the two weeks that I’ve used the pen nightly, my neck feels way softer. I haven't noticed any major differences in the brightening department, but I still really like the product, so I am going to continue to use it every night to see if it does improve any of my little scars.


Another thing I appreciate about the pen is that you can twist it on and off so you don't have to worry about product being accidentally squeezed out, which can be annoying with other skin-care products that I’ve tried. Overall, if you’re okay with the price point, and are looking for a neck-focused product that truly helps with exfoliation, the Kat Burki Form Control Neck Contour and Exfoliating Pen is a really cool and innovative product.

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