Aug 12, 2023

Hims Review: An Inexpensive Hair Loss Treatment That Works

Josh, Steve and Ethan recently confronted an issue that many men deal with as they age: male pattern baldness. They each turned to Hims for help, with not only their hair loss, but also their self-confidence.

"I’ve found using Hims easy to incorporate into my morning and evening routines," says Ethan. "The experience meeting with the doctor was easy and she helped me identify the best option for me based on my goals and health concerns."

Hims is so low-maintenance. It starts with a free assessment, where you answer a few questions about your symptoms and health history. You will then be connected with a medical provider, who will determine if treatment is right for you — a meeting you don't have to leave your couch to attend, because it's conducted through an online video conference platform. If your provider determines that treatment is right for you, the medication you’ll need on your journey is delivered directly to your door.

Hims offers topical finasteride and minoxidil spray. It's the only two-in-one spray of its kind on the market, with ingredients clinically proven to fight off hair loss. The fine-mist spray dries on your scalp fast, so there's no mess.

"The spray is easy to apply, and I love that I have no pills to take," says Steve. "Getting my prescription was simple and convenient via a telehealth consultation, and I enjoy having the refills delivered right to my door."

Josh also reports an easy-to-use experience across his time using Hims. (If there are side effects, they’re almost always mild and may include itching, irritation or a dry, flaky scalp.)

"The website was informative and intuitive," Josh says. "My results have been objectively unquestionable."

"I’ve recommended Hims to several of my friends and family and know of two that are now customers," says Josh, who also rated Hims five out of five stars.

For added convenience, there's no involvement of insurance companies, while follow-ups and messaging between clients and Hims are unlimited.

For as little as $35 a month and free shipping costs, if prescribed, with Hims you can start to regrow your hair within three to six months as the treatment "awakens" dormant follicles. Steve says he also uses the Hims thickening shampoo in addition to the finasteride/minoxidil spray and in eight months his crown has filled in significantly. Ethan says in just six months of using Hims he's emerged satisfied with the regrowth atop his dome. In addition to his other remarks, Josh calls his experience with Hims, overall, "very positive."

If Hims’ low price and free shipping weren't enough to motivate you to at least check out the website, you can register now and save 10%. You can use Hims to treat different types of hair loss issues with a variety of approaches, too. For example, you can combat overall hair thinning with the Hims Hair Power Pack, which includes finasteride and minoxidil, a thickening Shampoo with an eucalyptus scent and a bottle of tasty biotin gummies that support hair health. There are additional options to treat your receding hairline and/or your bald spots.

Even if you still have a pretty full head of hair, Hims products can help you keep it, too. So you might want to get ahead of the genetic curve if your parents and grandparents have experienced hair loss in their lives.

So to summarize: Hims is 100% online, easy to apply, inexpensive, and most importantly it works. In the six years since the company was founded, they seem to have thought of everything — except how you should style your hair once it's back. You’ll need to figure that out on your own like Josh, Steve and Ethan did.

*Active ingredients have been studied separately, with each showing results of improvement in hair regrowth after 3 to 6 months of use.

**Customer was given free product. Before/after images shared by customers who have purchased varying products, including prescription based products. Customer's results have not been independently verified. Individual results will vary.

***Actual price to customer will depend on product and subscription plan purchased.

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